Viele | Kitchens and Wardrobes

Mr. Sanjeev Windlas

President / Managing Director

Mr. Sanjeev Windlas is the main guiding force behind the inception of N.S. Decors with an idea to capture the potential opportunity identified in Kitchen Retailing Industry. He is the core inspiration behind meteoric growth, making it among the fastest growing Kitchen companies in India. Mr. Sanjeev Windlas, an entrepreneur- started his business career under the expert guidance of his father Late Sh. Naresh Kumar. Start of his business career he joined his more than 100 years old family business of Jewellers. Also to his credit is the development of the Cecil Convent School as a partner which is a venture of his own family and is situated in the heart of Ambala Cantt. The school created ripples in the field of education in Ambala and now successfully running with strength of 1600+ students.

Mr. Nikunj Windlas

Associate Director

Entrepreneurs are getting younger and younger these days. Stories of people launching start ups right out of college and becoming CEOs in their 20s seem to pop up everywhere. But it turns out some of us don't even need to reach college age to start a successful company. Nikunj Windlas one of them was just 18 years old when he started developing his interest in the kitchen industry. Basically from the family of jewellers, art and designing in his blood and passion. With his mission to make kitchen which is most usable and the incredible designs available should celebrate the different elements of the kitchen as pieces of beautiful furniture, not just workstations, which allows people to bring their own personal, warm, welcoming touch to this space”.

Mr. Rabindra Nath


Mr. Rabindra Nath has an experience of over 12 years spanning across various industries and ranging from diverse lines of business including Interiors ,Kitchen , Wardrobe , Furniture and security solutions.. His core competency is Sales & Business Development. Apart from this his skill matrix includes expertise in Human Resource Development, Brand Management, Team management, Product Promotions and Corporate affairs. In his current profile he is instrumental in developing locations right from inception, shaping start up businesses, handling both direct and Indirect Channel Business while formulating & executing business strategy resulting in an ever forward marching top.

Mr. Anoop Pandita

Creative Head

What comes to your mind when you hear the words “creative” or “creativity”? Perhaps images of people who express themselves freely and confidently through their work or daily life experiences; people who tend to think “outside the box” when coming up with ideas to address situations or solve everyday problems. “It is important to click with people “says Anoop Pandita an Engineer from the city of temples Jammu, he came to Chandigarh for higher studies in designing and animations from a well reputed institution in the same industry. In his previous experiences he has proved his skills in creative persuasion worked for different industries like education, interior designing, health, hotel , automobile, insurance.